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Our School

Equality & Diversity

Crakehall is an inclusive school where everyone is celebrated for being who they are: different and unique, a place where everyone is equal and respected, a place where everyone is loved and everyone belongs – that is our school.

The parable of the Sower is the root of our school vision. We believe that no matter where a seed (child) lands, we must ensure it is surrounded by ‘good soil’ in a nurtured environment in order to GROW.

As a school we recognise the importance of valuing ourselves and others, we embrace the fact that we are all different.  Our children know from a young age that their voice matters and that they can make a difference within their school, local community and world. As we are located in an area of low diversity, it is essential that our children are given a range of experiences in order to further understand our world

How do we ensure that children at Crakehall experience diversity?

Reading and writing

KS1 and KS2 key texts have been carefully chosen and planned to increase diverse experience and knowledge.


PSHE and RSE schemes of work include a range of examples and key discussions. Jigsaw opens the door to look at different family units, differences and relationships.

Other curriculum subjects

When subjects are taught, children often study famous/influential or local people who. These are carefully chosen to ensure children are inspired by a range of people. For example, children researched and discussed famous scientists who were neurodiverse and the incredible impact they had on the world. Staff take every opportunity to share and use examples of role models from History and the current day.

Every year school celebrates Neurodiversity week, this is a great opportunity to bring prior knowledge to the forefront and to build on that learning. We embrace differences and celebrate who we are as individuals.


Children study a range of faiths and cultures every year, planned opportunities are designed to ensure all children have ‘real life’ experiences. Children enjoy having visitors in school from other faiths and cultures and develop a deeper understanding, respect and curiosity from these experiences.

For more information please take a look at our personal development page - 

Personal Development


No one is left behind at Crakehall. We ensure children are supported and challenged effectively in order to achieve their personal best.

 Our Objectives

  • To narrow the achievement gap for disadvantaged pupils.
  • To review the way information is presented to parents to ensure that it is accessible.
  • To ensure that all residential visits are accessible to all children.

More information can be found in our Equality Policy.

 Embracing Diversity In Our School

Synergy Trust Schools

About Synergy Schools

Synergy Schools is a federation of primary schools in the north of North Yorkshire. The federation was formed in September 2018 and has grown to include 6 North Yorkshire primary schools.