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Curriculum & Learning

Our Curriculum

The documents and text below provide information about our curriculum. We hope that you find it useful. If you would like any further information please contact Mrs. Fryatt in the school office who will happily signpost you to the right person in school to answer your query.

The curriculum includes a guidance document ‘vision into practice’ which sets out what we aim to promote and why.

Curriculum Context Plan

PSHE Overview


Our School Vision

We believe in Growing Together

‘Growing in relational wisdom, love and compassion’ (Luke 2:40)

 Growing together to:

Value and respect others

Through the teaching of our Christian Values we aim to value and respect others while trying to become the best version of ourselves. This is the soul of our curriculum, taught explicitly through collective worship and PSHE where appropriate across the curriculum. Children are able to reflect on these throughout their time at Crakehall and assess how they have developed their own Christian Values and the positive impact they have had on others.

Become resilient

At Crakehall Church of England Primary School we enjoy challenging ourselves to try new things or work towards goals and targets. These can be a range of different challenges, from times tables to ‘keepy ups’ on the playground! Through challenging ourselves, we learn about resilience and the Christian Value of endurance.

Understand the world around us

We believe that this is important to help prepare children for the ever-changing world around us. All our children learn about their local community and environment from the moment they step through the door. All year groups take part in Forest Schools every year and are encouraged to extend their thinking to ask BIG questions about the wider world.

Have an inquisitive mind

Our school curriculum has placed great emphasis on children asking great questions in order to enhance and explore their learning at a deeper level. How we teach has been adapted to help develop children’s independence and their ability to research and think for themselves in order to find out facts and information. Teachers and staff help facilitate this learning pathway, but it is pupil led. Through the Christian Value of wisdom, we help children to understand information that is regularly available and how to access and reflect on this to know which is of value.

Please find guidance below to help you understand the government and school expectations for our children. We hope you find this helpful.

The following two booklets show what children should be able to do by the end of Year 2 in reading, writing, maths and science to achieve the nationally expected standard.

As stated in the document,

Each of the three standards within the interim framework contains a number of ‘pupil can’ statements. To demonstrate that they have met a standard within this interim framework, teachers will need to have evidence that a pupil demonstrates consistent attainment of all of the statements within that standard and all the statements in the preceding standard(s).’

Teacher Assessment Framework Key Stage 1

Contains guidance for reading, writing, maths and science

Teacher Assessment Framework Key Stage 2

Contains guidance for writing and science

Synergy Trust Schools

About Synergy Schools

Synergy Schools is a federation of primary schools in the north of North Yorkshire. The federation was formed in September 2018 after the 2017-18 academic year, when Brompton-on-Swale and Crakehall CE Primary Schools successfully shared senior leadership capacity.