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Our Curriculum



Growing Together to:

  • Value and respect others
  • Become resilient
  • Understand the world around us
  • Have an inquisitive mind

'Growing in relational wisdom, love and compassion'  (Luke 2:40)

The Soul to Learning

In Foundation Stage, we begin our SOULRICH journey.  

EYFS Curriculum - Theory into Practice


Our children are kind, thoughtful and supportive of each other. They know how to share and can work together as a team to solve problems. We are a community of learners and are supported through our strong relationships with our children’s families, our Early Years team, Governors and our Church and village community.


We begin to gain organisation skills in EYFS. We are in charge of looking after our own belongings; we organise our books and diaries by keeping them safe in plastic wallets and bring our diaries into the classroom each day. We independently use our pegs and trays to organise our belongings. From day one, we are responsible for tidying our classroom to a high standard, ensuring all resources are stored appropriately. We begin to learn how to organise our writing onto a line.


We work hard to understand the world around us. We visit our Forest School site very regularly to explore the natural world. Each week, we communicate in a different language. We learn about festivals and traditions in many different cultures. We know our local community and understand our place within it. Our teachers are especially keen for us to understand how we are all unique and special!


We are given opportunities to lead in group work and during investigative play. We lead our own learning by reflecting on our interests and sharing our existing contextual knowledge and use it to build deeper connections.


At every level, Team Crakehall don’t shy away from challenges. Together, we face challenges head on by building resilience and strength as we grow together. We understand what resilience is from very early in our school life; we never give up!


It is important that we use our Raj Resilience and Charlie Communication skills to be independent individuals. We look after our own personal belongings and needs and feel proud to be a member of our class. Adults encourage and support us in having our own ideas, choosing ways to do things and we feel prepared enough to give anything a go.


Our children are excellent communicators and are comfortable using a rich range of vocabulary and language structures to express themselves and explain their ideas.

In EYFS, both children and staff are highly engaged readers that enjoy sharing a love of books together.


Our children feel safe and secure, enabling them to have the confidence to question, experiment, and take risks. They have the confidence to try new things and persevere in the face of challenge. We help to keep our children safe by giving them the knowledge and understanding to make healthy choices for their bodies and minds.

All children enjoy coming to school and are instilled with a love of learning that will sustain them not only during their time in education but throughout their lives.

When children leave Foundation Stage, they are equipped with the skills they need to read, write and explore number.

A strand of our school vision that we are particularly passionate about developing with pupils throughout the curriculum is ‘understanding the world around us’, We believe that children need to understand the importance of their place in the world, the impact they have and be exposed to opportunities to build their cultural capital.

To help put our vision into practice, we have five themes which repeatedly recur throughout the year, ensuring that children have a broad and balanced curriculum. The themes are as follows:

All About Me

  • Create a sense of our unique self
  • Develop our own interests through new experiences
  • Learn how to make healthy choices for our bodies and minds

My School

  • Year 6 buddies
  • Global warrior award (child-initiated charity work)
  • Recycling hub for school
  • Daily Collective Worship

My Community

  • Links with our village and Church
  • Walk around our village regularly to observe changes
  • Sponsor a local farm
  • Explore what makes North Yorkshire special

My World

  • Celebrate religious festivals and cultural events
  • Learn about different countries; their customs, culture, religions and languages
  • Making comparisons about our lives to those in history or other parts of the world

My Planet

  • Explore seasonal changes
  • Develop a love of nature (through Forest School)
  • Grow our own food
  • Learn to care for and respect our environment

Do what makes your SOUL shine!

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50 Books to Read in FS50 Books to Read in FS

Synergy Trust Schools

About Synergy Schools

Synergy Schools is a federation of primary schools in the north of North Yorkshire. The federation was formed in September 2018 after the 2017-18 academic year, when Brompton-on-Swale and Crakehall CE Primary Schools successfully shared senior leadership capacity.