Our first full day at Forest School and the children were thrilled to be staying to cook and eat their lunch outside. Group 1 prepared some fantastic food for us. As the cooking cook they have to : Make the fire and keep it going, prepare all  the food the whole group eat. 2 snacks and a main meal as well as wash up the cooking utensils and pans used for cooking (the other children wash their own!)  Each group will produce a poster to share showing their budgeting skills as well as menu choice.
9 activities this week for the children to work through during the day. The vast majority managed to complete all the activities. They share some top tips with others such as do the quickest/easiest ones first, try and complete over half before lunch.
CHALLENGE 1:Mud slide.After repairing the slide last week the children were eager to slide down. More water was need as the weather had dried out the slide and when we poured water on it just disappeared into the ground!
We think we might bring a long piece of plastic next time and some washing up liquid.
CHALLENGE 2:Knots reef and clove hitch. each week we look at different knots. The reef knot is the best known and most useful parcel knot. It is the best knot for tying a triangular bandage. The clove hitch will be used to teach the children square lashing.
CHALLENGE 3:Clearing den site. In the a few week we will be building dens for den challenges. The children have to locate the best position for a den and then tidy the area removing any nettles etc…
CHALLENGE 4:Sketching seed and leaves from 3 different trees. This took place after lunch and it was lovely to see the children laying on the grass really looking closely at the leaves and seed.
CHALLENGE 5:Seed ID. The seeds of most trees are unique to the species of trees. We all loved to play with helicopters as children but could you name the tree it came from?
CHALLENGE 6:Collected as many leaf samples and ID them. To reinforce last weeks challenge of identifying native British trees the children.
CHALLENGE 7:Quiet Spot.5 minutes to sit and reflect and listen to the sounds of nature.
CHALLENGE 8:Collecting individual wood ready for next weeks challenge. Every week we have been revisiting our fire building skills so that when we start to make our individual fires we are ready to succeed first time. Collecting the correct wood is an  essential part.
CHALLENGE 9:Boats. This was a very open ended question and the children explored lots of different avenues. A boat for people to sit in, a fairy boat , speed boats. Great fun was had racing the boats. The only thing you were unable to do was touch your boat as it went down the beck.
 A big thank you to all our parent helpers today.

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