This week the children had 6 challenges.
CHALLENGE 1: Rabbit skinning- A Y6 favourite!! The  majority of the children took part in looking at the rabbit and helping to dissect it.
CHALLENGE 2: Food Chain. The children were able to discuss as a group the food chain and why we deposited the rabbit in the hedge row.
CHALLENGE 3: Internal organs of rabbit. “Wow that’s a big liver!” and ” The  heart is roughly the same size as the kidneys.” were some of the comments. The length of the intestines amazed us as it was over 3 meters long.
CHALLENGE 4:Prepare individual fires. To build a your own fire pit area and collect what you think is enough wood to maintain a fire for 10 minutes. Observe others and see whether you  have enough.
CHALLENGE 5: Keep individual fire going for at least 10 minutes. After eating our delicious lunch- A big thank you to the cooks, and clearing away it was time for fire challenge. The children all took this very seriously. The tepee method of laying sticks was the preferred method the children adopted. All the children succeed at this challenge some even managed to keep their fire going for nearly an hour. “This is my favourite activity.” one child quoted while lying next to his fire. This activity will be really useful in the last week when they cook in their small groups and have to keep a fire going for many hours.
A Big thank you again to Mark our regular helper and to the parents who supported this week.
Mark has been one of the regular helpers for  over 7 years he is leaving this summer and his enthusiasm, commitment to forest school and knowledge will be missed, luckily we have a new regular helper called Peter who  will be  joining Bob to help us continue our fantastic  Forest Schools.

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