The History of our School

Our school is very lucky to have old log books of events which go back to 1863, and so we know quite a lot about the school, it’s master and it’s pupils. It was founded in 1852 when the National Society for promoting the Education of the poor in the principles of the established church together with the Ripon Diocese purchased a piece of ground on the village green for a school.

In 1863 the school consisted of only one room,divided by a curtain to separate the boys and girls in the afternoon. Attached to the schoolroom is a four room dwelling as residence for the master, with a piece of land for the garden.

The master was James Plews and his sister taught the girls needlework. There were 101 pupils from 3 -14 years old. It was not often that all the pupils actually attended. They had time off for all sorts of reason,sometimes illness,but more often to work on the land.