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Forest Sch Week 11

Week 11- Bird week
BEWARE some of these pictures are of dissecting pheasants.

This week was bird week at Forest School all our weeks of preparation for the RSPB Big Garden Bird watch.

CHALLENGE 1; Bird watching with Mrs Latta.
Armed with our binoculars and bird identifying sheets the children sat quietly in groups and counted the different birds we had managed to attract to our bird feeder.

CHALLENGE 2; Sawing with Peter.
It is always surprising the amount of wood we get through on a weekly basis. The wood pile is always in need of replenishing. – we like to keep a pile nice and dry. The children are all becoming quite competent with the saw and like the rhythm they create with their friends.


CHALLENGE 3: Pheasants with Mrs S.
This challenge is a bit like marmite the children either love it or loathe it, on this occasion the number of loathes were kept to less than a handful.
We looked at camouflage, wing spans, types of feathers, their legs, how the male and female differ before moving on to the internal organs.

Did you know the fat a pheasant is yellow.
The gizzard is a muscular, thick-walled part of a bird’s stomach for grinding food, typically with grit.
This we found hard to cut through.
The children were fascinated to see that the bird stored it food in it crop.
After looking at the digestive system we wrapped the bird back up. The groups then had to decide where to hide the carcass and next week we will check whether the next part of the food chain has eaten them up.


CHALLENGE 4: Fire group with Bob. Myles, Alfie, Thomas and Olivia polished up their fire lighting skills ( ready for next week) and produced a fantastic fire. Bob then cooked pheasant breast with garlic for snack.

This was enjoyed by the majority with some children having forth helping!!

Next week is class 3’s last forest school. We are hoping to build dens and try our hand at own fires.

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Forest School Week 10

At Forest school.
This week we had to complete our challenges before we had free time to sledge.

CHALLENGE 1:Fire Group need to produce a fire to help keep the chill off us at snack time as well as toast our marshmallows. Alexander, Amber and Esther all managed to make sparks with their flint and steel . They also had the task of making sure the marshmallow sticks were clean and ready to use.

CHALLENGE 2: More bird feeders. This week pine fir cones , lard and bird seed as well as peanuts for the feeders. Hopefully by feeding them up next week we will see lots of different birds.

CHALLENGE 3: Maths with Mrs Latta- measuring the far side of forest school as well as taking pictures of the flora and fauna.

CHALLENGE 4: Where is the best sledging hill? Who can sledge the furthest and why? An interesting discussion took place with the children thinking that the heaviest , smoothest and largest sledges would travel the furthest. Was their prediction correct?

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Polar bears – Class 2

Class 2 spent the morning learning about Polar bears and their habitats with Mrs Spring. Did you know polar bears:
Have black skin.
Have black gums,
Have 42 teeth.
See how many more facts your children can remember.
They learnt about the importance of camouflage and about the food chain.

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Baking with Reception

​In our baking session this week we made :
These biscuits were inspired by our whole school topic ‘POLAR EXPLORER’
Plain biscuits / Sledging biscuits.
The advantage of plain biscuits are that they are compact, physically resilient, high in energy and stays edible for a long, long time. It is a simple hard biscuit that can be spread with butter and any other available toppings such as marmite, cheese etc. or be crumbled up with meat-bar/pemmican and water to make hoosh.
The children then compared it with cream crackers.

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