Click on the links below to view our policy documents.  Please note that the school does have a wide range of other policy documents that are available for parents and carers to view.  We have tried to limit the number of policies that appear on the website so that it doesn’t become cumbersome.  If you require a copy of a specific policy, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Fryatt at the school office.

Leave of Absence Form

Please complete this form if you need to ask for permission to remove your child from school for a term-time holiday due to exceptional circumstances.  Please note that this form is only for holiday absence. Contact the school if you require leave of absence for any other reason.

icon PDF small Leave of Absence from School During Term Time

Keeping Children Safe Policies

icon PDF small Administering Medicines Policy

icon PDF small Anti-Bullying Policy

icon PDF small Behaviour Policy

icon PDF small Child Protection Policy

icon PDF small Intimate Care Procedures

icon PDF small Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

icon PDF small Synergy Schools – Social Media Policy

icon PDF small Physical Intervention and Restraint Policy

Policies about the Curriculum and Teaching and Learning

icon PDF small Calculation Guidance

icon PDF small Phonics and Spelling Policy 2019

icon PDF small Charging and Remissions Policy

icon PDF small Homework Policy

How to Complain

We sincerely hope that you don’t ever need these documents.  However, if necessary, they are here for your information.

icon PDF small Complaints Policy

icon PDF smallComplaint – If you need to make a complaint

General Data Protection Regulations

icon PDF small Privacy Notice