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Forest School Y6 Week 4


This week the children had decided to do rabbits as well as dens and the water slide. A busy day.
The children all took part in the skinning of the rabbits as well as looking at the internal organs. Did you know the intestines were over 3 meters long. The hard was the size of a walnut but the liver was large. The rabbits were put out to complete the food chain. A big thank you to Farmer Grainger for the fresh rabbits. We all enjoyed rabbit and bacon stew as well as jacket potato with beans, cheese , tuna and salad.
A fun day was had by all.

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Forest School – Brompton Visit

This year the Y6 children were promoted to the grand title of ‘Forest School Ambassadors’ spreading the great work and learning they do at Forest School. They present power points to the 22 Y6 children like professionals and then under took to deliver 5 taster activities.

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Forest School Week 5

On Monday Y1 and Y5 did not get wet at Forest School!
The children changed quickly to meet Bob and Peter at the gate.
Lots of team work needed for todays challenges. Free choice of who you would like to work with – during reflection time to think about your choices!
CHALLENGE1: FIRE GROUP; Isabella, Robert and Abi were successful in providing us with a blazing fire. Fore snack to day we had pancakes and hot chocolate.
CHALLENGE 2: HABITATS. Y1 Bird habitats and Y5 Hobbit habitats. This week we looked at what would make a good habitat ready for next week when Y1 will be making nest to put in the trees and Y5’s will be making Hobbits  to live in their houses over the Easter holidays. Is you house waterproof, warm and wind proof? What natural materials will help you?
CHALLENGE 3: Y5 Bones of our body. Can you make a twig skeleton?
Y1 doubling and halving maths skills. The children are reinforcing their place value while collecting items from around the site. I have 12 twigs how many is half ?

CHALLENGE 4: Y5 SAWING and Y1 loppers and secateurs. I am always amazed at how much wood we need at Forest School so we always like to keep our dry area stocked up.

A dry crisp day enabled us to complete our challenges quickly before having free time.
Hobbit habitats, doubling and halving, birds nests as well as skeletons made from leaves and twigs were some of the activities on offer. More photos on Forest School Blog on School web site.

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A day when you find out if your waterproofs are waterproof!! Mrs S’s were not!! Were yours?
Year 1 and year 5 spent the 1st morning of science week at Forest School.

Jake, Aleks and Lizzy had the arduous task of making the fire today. Luckily they showed lots of tenacity and succeeded in producing a great fire to cook snack today: Bacon Butties which were welcomed by all.

CHALLENGE1: Y5- Mrs Spring joined us to complete some data logging with Y5. The were given the question Where would it be best to keep your egg warm? The worked in small groups to make or find some where and start their data loggers. Through out the session they had to go back to the loggers to snap a shot in time. The data loggers had to be kept dry in bags as it was so wet! This data has now been down loaded t and the children will present their findings in their science book.

CHALLENGE1: Y1 Came you make a spark? This is the first time the Y1’s have had a play with the flint and steel and it was lovely to see the joy on their face when they managed to produce a spark. Well done Y1’s you over came the wet weather conditions and still managed to make a spark.

CHALLENGE 2: Y1 Stop watches. Can you use a stop watch? Can time your friend?
Y5 :Continue with the maths investigations.

CHALLENGE 3: Independent activity.Y1: Can you find any sign of spring on the Spring hunt.
Y5: Wood collecting, sawing and loppers. Have a look at the wood pile , do we need small med or large pieces of wood? Can you choose the correct tool to go and collect that type of wood?

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Forest School Week 3

​Today was slightly warmer than last week and the wind chill had almost disappeared. The children came well prepared.
Mr White joined us to see what things we do at Forest School.
The snow activity had to be scrapped as the majority of snow had melted.
Y5 estimated the weight / mass of a container of snow and a container of water. How much do you think ? Answers next week!!

FIRE GROUP: Sam, Katie and Kieran struggled with the fire today. The cold wood and the dampness in the air made the fire hard to light. Eventually the succeeded and we all enjoyed smores at snack time.

CHALLENGE 1: Y1- Maths with Mrs Croft. Number bonds to 20 with natural materials.
Y5 – Maths with Mrs Kirby . Further maths investigation.

Y1 – SCIENCE- Making bird feeders. Why do bird like peanut butter? Where would you put a bird feeder.? This was slightly trickier than they thought as the peanut putter was getting colder and colder making it harder to stick onto the loo rolls.
Y5 – SKILLS Make 2 marshmallow sticks using the loppers and knifes. This proved a challenge to many as they had forgotten that you needed a green stick to be able to whittle your point for the marshmallow.

CHALLENGE 3: SKILLS with Mrs S.- Sawing and loppers with Y1.

During quiet time we heard many birds singing to each other as well as the beck – “As the water was much higher due to the snow melting” reported 1 child

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Forest School Week 2

The ‘Beast from the East’ visited Crakehall this week. The temperature was 1.5° but the wind chill factor was -6°. Most children were well equipped for the weather but it is always great to wear too many clothes that you can take off rather than not enough and be miserable and cold.
FIRE GROUP: Max and Annabel worked well as a team and produced a warming fire for those feeling cold and to toast our pitta bread.
CHALLENGE 1: Y1- Maths with Mrs Croft. Item counting.Can you count securely to 20?
                           Y5 – Maths with Mrs Kirby . Maths investigation.
CHALLENGE 2: SKILLS  with Mrs Shepherd. Y1 Over hand knots.
                                                                          Y5 Over hand knots and reef knots.
All children  managed to complete their challenge with a couple of Y1’s even managing to tie the reef knot as well. Hand were cold but the determination of them was not dampened.
CHALLENGE 3: Art with Mrs Eldridge and Philipp- Ephemeral art. The children really enjoyed making these. Great team work with sieving the flour. They looked fantastic.

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