Forest School Week 7

The freezing cold weather didn’t put off Class 3’s enthusiasm for Forest School this week. The predicted snow didn’t fall but the temperatures did As we left school at 10am in was -7 and the temperature didn’t rise above -4.
Well done for being so prepared with layers.
CHALLENGE 1: Fire group provided us with a fantastic fire to keep us warm. Bob commented on how proficient the children were at using the flint and steel.
CHALLENGE 2: Winter scavenger hunt. In teams the children had to find items at Forest School  as well as collecting the biggest wood pile.
CHALLENGE 3: How many different shapes can you find at Forest School.
The wood piles were huge and the children enjoyed dragging, balancing and carrying all different  sizes of wood.
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Forest School Week 6

CHALLENGE 1: Fire group this week: Ewan, Henry and Ellis found it harder this week to get the fire going. Eventually with lots of blowing the fire was roaring and cooked the bacon beautifully. Thanks fire group.

CHALLENGE 2: Maths with Mrs Latta. Can you think of a measuring/ capacity or mass problem for your partner to complete. How long is the bridge? How wide is the beck? How many stones would it take to make 20kg? How deep is the beck? Were some of the questions the children came up with.

CHALLENGE 3: Sawing wood to make Christmas presents with Peter.

CHALLENGE 4: Bird feeders. All last weeks food had disappeared ! Would the birds enjoy this weeks bird feeder which used lard instead of peanut butter.

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Forest School 22-11-17

​The weather was damp and dismal but this didn’t stop the session
going so quickly. The children were focussed on their challenges and only managed to have a few minutes free time at the end of the session.
CHALLENGE 1: Fire group – Archie, Isla and Edward . Normally the fire always take a bit longer to start when the weather is damp but this did not stop our dynamic trio. A super fire was built and kept going for marshmallow toasting.

CHALLENGE 2: Capacity maths with Mrs Latta. Can you fill your bucket with 1000mls? Much trickier than you think. Lots of great team work needed here.

CHALLENGE 3: Marshmallow sticks.- Independently chose a stick that is : green, no thicker than your little finger and as long as your arm. Using the loppers, secateurs and knives. Make yourself a marshmallow stick.

CHALLENGE 4: Independent sawing- this group love to saw. The bigger the better!! Well done as this will keep our fires going through the winter.

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