Forest School Week 5

On Monday Y1 and Y5 did not get wet at Forest School!
The children changed quickly to meet Bob and Peter at the gate.
Lots of team work needed for todays challenges. Free choice of who you would like to work with – during reflection time to think about your choices!
CHALLENGE1: FIRE GROUP; Isabella, Robert and Abi were successful in providing us with a blazing fire. Fore snack to day we had pancakes and hot chocolate.
CHALLENGE 2: HABITATS. Y1 Bird habitats and Y5 Hobbit habitats. This week we looked at what would make a good habitat ready for next week when Y1 will be making nest to put in the trees and Y5’s will be making Hobbits  to live in their houses over the Easter holidays. Is you house waterproof, warm and wind proof? What natural materials will help you?
CHALLENGE 3: Y5 Bones of our body. Can you make a twig skeleton?
Y1 doubling and halving maths skills. The children are reinforcing their place value while collecting items from around the site. I have 12 twigs how many is half ?

CHALLENGE 4: Y5 SAWING and Y1 loppers and secateurs. I am always amazed at how much wood we need at Forest School so we always like to keep our dry area stocked up.

A dry crisp day enabled us to complete our challenges quickly before having free time.
Hobbit habitats, doubling and halving, birds nests as well as skeletons made from leaves and twigs were some of the activities on offer. More photos on Forest School Blog on School web site.

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A day when you find out if your waterproofs are waterproof!! Mrs S’s were not!! Were yours?
Year 1 and year 5 spent the 1st morning of science week at Forest School.

Jake, Aleks and Lizzy had the arduous task of making the fire today. Luckily they showed lots of tenacity and succeeded in producing a great fire to cook snack today: Bacon Butties which were welcomed by all.

CHALLENGE1: Y5- Mrs Spring joined us to complete some data logging with Y5. The were given the question Where would it be best to keep your egg warm? The worked in small groups to make or find some where and start their data loggers. Through out the session they had to go back to the loggers to snap a shot in time. The data loggers had to be kept dry in bags as it was so wet! This data has now been down loaded t and the children will present their findings in their science book.

CHALLENGE1: Y1 Came you make a spark? This is the first time the Y1’s have had a play with the flint and steel and it was lovely to see the joy on their face when they managed to produce a spark. Well done Y1’s you over came the wet weather conditions and still managed to make a spark.

CHALLENGE 2: Y1 Stop watches. Can you use a stop watch? Can time your friend?
Y5 :Continue with the maths investigations.

CHALLENGE 3: Independent activity.Y1: Can you find any sign of spring on the Spring hunt.
Y5: Wood collecting, sawing and loppers. Have a look at the wood pile , do we need small med or large pieces of wood? Can you choose the correct tool to go and collect that type of wood?

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Forest School Week 3

​Today was slightly warmer than last week and the wind chill had almost disappeared. The children came well prepared.
Mr White joined us to see what things we do at Forest School.
The snow activity had to be scrapped as the majority of snow had melted.
Y5 estimated the weight / mass of a container of snow and a container of water. How much do you think ? Answers next week!!

FIRE GROUP: Sam, Katie and Kieran struggled with the fire today. The cold wood and the dampness in the air made the fire hard to light. Eventually the succeeded and we all enjoyed smores at snack time.

CHALLENGE 1: Y1- Maths with Mrs Croft. Number bonds to 20 with natural materials.
Y5 – Maths with Mrs Kirby . Further maths investigation.

Y1 – SCIENCE- Making bird feeders. Why do bird like peanut butter? Where would you put a bird feeder.? This was slightly trickier than they thought as the peanut putter was getting colder and colder making it harder to stick onto the loo rolls.
Y5 – SKILLS Make 2 marshmallow sticks using the loppers and knifes. This proved a challenge to many as they had forgotten that you needed a green stick to be able to whittle your point for the marshmallow.

CHALLENGE 3: SKILLS with Mrs S.- Sawing and loppers with Y1.

During quiet time we heard many birds singing to each other as well as the beck – “As the water was much higher due to the snow melting” reported 1 child

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Forest School Week 2

The ‘Beast from the East’ visited Crakehall this week. The temperature was 1.5° but the wind chill factor was -6°. Most children were well equipped for the weather but it is always great to wear too many clothes that you can take off rather than not enough and be miserable and cold.
FIRE GROUP: Max and Annabel worked well as a team and produced a warming fire for those feeling cold and to toast our pitta bread.
CHALLENGE 1: Y1- Maths with Mrs Croft. Item counting.Can you count securely to 20?
                           Y5 – Maths with Mrs Kirby . Maths investigation.
CHALLENGE 2: SKILLS  with Mrs Shepherd. Y1 Over hand knots.
                                                                          Y5 Over hand knots and reef knots.
All children  managed to complete their challenge with a couple of Y1’s even managing to tie the reef knot as well. Hand were cold but the determination of them was not dampened.
CHALLENGE 3: Art with Mrs Eldridge and Philipp- Ephemeral art. The children really enjoyed making these. Great team work with sieving the flour. They looked fantastic.

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Forest School Week 1

​This week Y1 and Y5 went to Forest

Mrs Croft and Mrs Kirby are joining the Forest School team until May half term.

As with every first week the children don their ‘Health and Safety’ hat to walk the site to see if they can see any risks and how they could avoid them.
This was completed verbally today as it was drizzly and we would have ended up with lots of soggy paper.

Year 1: Spent a bit of time looking at the tools we use at Forest School and how to handle them safely. This they all took very seriously making sure they listened and handled carefully. They also looked at how to be safe around the fire.

Year 5: Team challenge-Instructions’ Move that tree here’.

Great team work and leadership skills here as well as intuition to use tools to help well done Year 5 you surprised Bob with your strength.

Hot Chocolate and birthday cake for snack- Thank you Millie.

Peace and reflection time started at 3 minutes. The children settled down to close their eyes and reflect on what they had learnt and achieved as well as sounds around them.


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Forest School Week 12

The last and final week for Class 3. Only 2 challenges this weeks. CHALLENGE 1 : In groups of your choosing: Find a safe place to build a fire. Make and build a fire pit big enough for you all to sit around. Collect resources to build a fire Light a fire and keep it going long enough to toast your own marshmallow. Put out the fire and leave no trace. CHALLENGE 2: Only to be started if Challenge 1 completed. Den building . The children eagerly choose their groups and set to work on the challenges. The children work tirelessly and enthusiastically for the 2 hours (conditions were not ideal as it had rained most of the weekend) and their faces shone with pride and satisfaction when they had succeeded . I don’t think there’s a better feeling in the world than having succeeded at a large goal.

Well Done Class 3 for all your hard work at Forest School.

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Forest Sch Week 11

Week 11- Bird week
BEWARE some of these pictures are of dissecting pheasants.

This week was bird week at Forest School all our weeks of preparation for the RSPB Big Garden Bird watch.

CHALLENGE 1; Bird watching with Mrs Latta.
Armed with our binoculars and bird identifying sheets the children sat quietly in groups and counted the different birds we had managed to attract to our bird feeder.

CHALLENGE 2; Sawing with Peter.
It is always surprising the amount of wood we get through on a weekly basis. The wood pile is always in need of replenishing. – we like to keep a pile nice and dry. The children are all becoming quite competent with the saw and like the rhythm they create with their friends.


CHALLENGE 3: Pheasants with Mrs S.
This challenge is a bit like marmite the children either love it or loathe it, on this occasion the number of loathes were kept to less than a handful.
We looked at camouflage, wing spans, types of feathers, their legs, how the male and female differ before moving on to the internal organs.

Did you know the fat a pheasant is yellow.
The gizzard is a muscular, thick-walled part of a bird’s stomach for grinding food, typically with grit.
This we found hard to cut through.
The children were fascinated to see that the bird stored it food in it crop.
After looking at the digestive system we wrapped the bird back up. The groups then had to decide where to hide the carcass and next week we will check whether the next part of the food chain has eaten them up.


CHALLENGE 4: Fire group with Bob. Myles, Alfie, Thomas and Olivia polished up their fire lighting skills ( ready for next week) and produced a fantastic fire. Bob then cooked pheasant breast with garlic for snack.

This was enjoyed by the majority with some children having forth helping!!

Next week is class 3’s last forest school. We are hoping to build dens and try our hand at own fires.

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Forest School Week 10

At Forest school.
This week we had to complete our challenges before we had free time to sledge.

CHALLENGE 1:Fire Group need to produce a fire to help keep the chill off us at snack time as well as toast our marshmallows. Alexander, Amber and Esther all managed to make sparks with their flint and steel . They also had the task of making sure the marshmallow sticks were clean and ready to use.

CHALLENGE 2: More bird feeders. This week pine fir cones , lard and bird seed as well as peanuts for the feeders. Hopefully by feeding them up next week we will see lots of different birds.

CHALLENGE 3: Maths with Mrs Latta- measuring the far side of forest school as well as taking pictures of the flora and fauna.

CHALLENGE 4: Where is the best sledging hill? Who can sledge the furthest and why? An interesting discussion took place with the children thinking that the heaviest , smoothest and largest sledges would travel the furthest. Was their prediction correct?

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Forest School Week 9

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Class 3 enjoyed a sunny January morning at Forest School. This weeks challenges :

CHALLENGE 1:Fire group – Morgan, Eloise, Toby and Jessy work with Bob to get a great fire going . All managed to make a spark with the flint and steel. Sausages and hot chocolate were enjoyed by all.


CHALLNGE 2: Bird hide building. In your group can you find a good spot to make a bird hide. Be prepared to debate why you think your bird hide position should be used.


CHALLENGE 3: Make a bird hide once the debate had taken place( as a whole group)

CHALLENGE 4: Make bird feeders to place near the bird hide. On the 29th we are going to take part in the big bird watch.


CHALLENGE 5: Maths with Mrs Latta. Using the trundle wheel the children are helping to map out the forest school area. This evidence will help us keep a historical record of the trees , habitats, bushes, flora and fauna at Forest School.

Christmas Forest School

​This week at Forest School: The Christmas Party.

The children worked in groups with their own i Pads. Their photos will be posted in their collages they are going to make.
Bob and Peter made a super fire and the children enjoyed smores with hot chocolate, squirty cream and marshmallows.
The adults at Forest School also managed to do the I pad challenge as well.
Forest School resumes for Class 3 on the 15th January 2018.
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