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Crakehall Church of England Primary School has close links with the local church. We work hard to maintain our good relationship with Crakehall Church which is located just over the road from the school.

We pride ourselves is our links into the local community and part of that is our work with the local Anglican Church. Below you can see the National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools Report for our school and also a link to St Gregory’s Anglican Church website.

General Details

Anglican Schools Report

Click on the link below to view our Anglican Schools Report.

Established strengths
• Christian values impact positively on pupils’ personal development and progress.
• Highly effective pastoral and spiritual links between the parish and the school support the school well in promoting its Christian vision.
• Learners make excellent progress in spiritual awareness.
• The new staff team are confidently sharing and developing the school’s ongoing vision.

Anglican Schools Report

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