On Monday Y1 and Y5 did not get wet at Forest School!
The children changed quickly to meet Bob and Peter at the gate.
Lots of team work needed for todays challenges. Free choice of who you would like to work with – during reflection time to think about your choices!
CHALLENGE1: FIRE GROUP; Isabella, Robert and Abi were successful in providing us with a blazing fire. Fore snack to day we had pancakes and hot chocolate.
CHALLENGE 2: HABITATS. Y1 Bird habitats and Y5 Hobbit habitats. This week we looked at what would make a good habitat ready for next week when Y1 will be making nest to put in the trees and Y5’s will be making Hobbits  to live in their houses over the Easter holidays. Is you house waterproof, warm and wind proof? What natural materials will help you?
CHALLENGE 3: Y5 Bones of our body. Can you make a twig skeleton?
Y1 doubling and halving maths skills. The children are reinforcing their place value while collecting items from around the site. I have 12 twigs how many is half ?

CHALLENGE 4: Y5 SAWING and Y1 loppers and secateurs. I am always amazed at how much wood we need at Forest School so we always like to keep our dry area stocked up.

A dry crisp day enabled us to complete our challenges quickly before having free time.
Hobbit habitats, doubling and halving, birds nests as well as skeletons made from leaves and twigs were some of the activities on offer. More photos on Forest School Blog on School web site.

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