‚ÄčToday was slightly warmer than last week and the wind chill had almost disappeared. The children came well prepared.
Mr White joined us to see what things we do at Forest School.
The snow activity had to be scrapped as the majority of snow had melted.
Y5 estimated the weight / mass of a container of snow and a container of water. How much do you think ? Answers next week!!

FIRE GROUP: Sam, Katie and Kieran struggled with the fire today. The cold wood and the dampness in the air made the fire hard to light. Eventually the succeeded and we all enjoyed smores at snack time.

CHALLENGE 1: Y1- Maths with Mrs Croft. Number bonds to 20 with natural materials.
Y5 – Maths with Mrs Kirby . Further maths investigation.

Y1 – SCIENCE- Making bird feeders. Why do bird like peanut butter? Where would you put a bird feeder.? This was slightly trickier than they thought as the peanut putter was getting colder and colder making it harder to stick onto the loo rolls.
Y5 – SKILLS Make 2 marshmallow sticks using the loppers and knifes. This proved a challenge to many as they had forgotten that you needed a green stick to be able to whittle your point for the marshmallow.

CHALLENGE 3: SKILLS with Mrs S.- Sawing and loppers with Y1.

During quiet time we heard many birds singing to each other as well as the beck – “As the water was much higher due to the snow melting” reported 1 child

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