The ‘Beast from the East’ visited Crakehall this week. The temperature was 1.5° but the wind chill factor was -6°. Most children were well equipped for the weather but it is always great to wear too many clothes that you can take off rather than not enough and be miserable and cold.
FIRE GROUP: Max and Annabel worked well as a team and produced a warming fire for those feeling cold and to toast our pitta bread.
CHALLENGE 1: Y1- Maths with Mrs Croft. Item counting.Can you count securely to 20?
                           Y5 – Maths with Mrs Kirby . Maths investigation.
CHALLENGE 2: SKILLS  with Mrs Shepherd. Y1 Over hand knots.
                                                                          Y5 Over hand knots and reef knots.
All children  managed to complete their challenge with a couple of Y1’s even managing to tie the reef knot as well. Hand were cold but the determination of them was not dampened.
CHALLENGE 3: Art with Mrs Eldridge and Philipp- Ephemeral art. The children really enjoyed making these. Great team work with sieving the flour. They looked fantastic.

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