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Class 3 enjoyed a sunny January morning at Forest School. This weeks challenges :

CHALLENGE 1:Fire group – Morgan, Eloise, Toby and Jessy work with Bob to get a great fire going . All managed to make a spark with the flint and steel. Sausages and hot chocolate were enjoyed by all.


CHALLNGE 2: Bird hide building. In your group can you find a good spot to make a bird hide. Be prepared to debate why you think your bird hide position should be used.


CHALLENGE 3: Make a bird hide once the debate had taken place( as a whole group)

CHALLENGE 4: Make bird feeders to place near the bird hide. On the 29th we are going to take part in the big bird watch.


CHALLENGE 5: Maths with Mrs Latta. Using the trundle wheel the children are helping to map out the forest school area. This evidence will help us keep a historical record of the trees , habitats, bushes, flora and fauna at Forest School.