Class 2 had a fun filled first Forest School.
The children all managed to dress themselves quiet swiftly today and we were ready to meet Bob at the gate for 10.00am.
Walking together in partner the buzz of excitement could be felt and heard.
At Forest School we :
1: Checked the fire area to make sure we could all sit safely around it.
2: Played the fire safety game- how to leave the fire pit safely.
3: The respect position.
4: In small group we walked around with an adult as ‘Health and Safety ‘ officers spotting all the potential hazards and we then discussed how we could avoid them.
5: Played a game of whistles- The 2 whistle blow signifies the children to return to camp ASAP.
6: During free time the children loved playing in the beck as well as getting stuck in the bog!!

Year 1’s are only allowed across the bridge with an adult to complete an activity.
Year 2’s will be fire group with Year 1’s learning how to use the flint and steel.

Everybody enjoyed a hot chocolate and biscuit before returning to school in time for lunch.

Children need a separate Forest School coat to their main school coat- we have spares at school if you need one just let us know.
Next week the children need a bowl and spoon and not a plate as we are having blackberries and apples for snack.
Any problems just let me know.

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