​The sun was shining for the Y6’s last Forest School. For
the majority of the day the children worked in their chosen groups.
In these groups they:
  1. Built a fire pit.
  2. Collected wood.
  3. Started the fire.
  4. Prepared and ate snack.
  5. Collected more fire wood.
  6. Prepared and ate lunch.
  7. Washed up
  8. Put out the fire.
  9. Left no trace.
The children soon realised that it was far harder to keep their fire going for any length of time and that teamwork was key to their success.
After lunch, in which all groups cooked different things, the children helped tidy up Forest School ready for the summer holidays. In reflection time the children sat quietly and peacefully around the main camp fire thinking of their special time together and years that they been at Crakehall.
To end their time at Forest School we had a water slide. Getting the best sliding surface took a bit of trial and error before finally agreeing that a slow trickle of water , a good run up and washing up liquid produced a super slide that made you end up in the bog!! Time whizzed by today so only 10 minutes to clean off in the beck before returning to school.
A big thank you  to all the parent helpers that made the whole day forest school happen, and a SUPER DUPER BIG thanks to  the Forest School regular helpers Mark and Bob.
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